Friday, July 12, 2013

Buying the simplest low cost SmartPhone

If you're thinking of shopping  for a Smart Phone with cheap rate , the nice news is that Smart Phone cost are returning down all the time.
More Phone makers are releasing great cheap Smart Phones with prices around $100. The most of these entry-level low cost Smart Phones run Android, however there are some Blackberry Windows phone handsets during this worth vary, too.
You'll have to be compelled to build many compromises, however finding the simplest low cost Smart Phone is obtaining easier because they are typically recuperating.

What makes the simplest low cost Smart Phone:-

A Good- Quality Screen: 

 Entry-level Smart Phone tend to little screens- generally around three to four inches, with a lot of resolutions than you discover a costlier models.A 320*480 screen resolution is common however won't be sensible for staring at photos , observing movies or taking part in games.

A powerful processor:

Cheaper Smart Phones tend to possess weak processor 1GHz single -core version are common. These will build the phone sluggish, particularly if you're running many programs at constant time.

Minimum 5Mp camera with flash:-

 A  5Mp camera is a good benchmark to aim for, and LED flash is essential.Whereas this won't deliver the spectacular image quality offered cameras on costlier Smart Phones, its perfectly fine for quick shots of family and friends.

HD vedio camera:-

Other things to contemplate:-

Avoid previous version of Android:-

It's unlikely you'll notice an inexpensive Android Smart Phone running the terrible latest version of the software.Avoid models that run anything older than Android 4.0 Ice Cream

Running Price:-

Keep in mind , while you can save money by buying Smart Phone handset, you'll still have to pay to run it.